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  • Leadership and organizational coaching for Fast, Measurable, Sustainable Results.Success in todayís ultra-competitive markets requires getting the most out of your people. Michelle Saunders Coaching provides individual and team coaching that helps companies improve communications, resolve interpersonal conflicts that sabotage business results, develop essential leadership skills, and achieve superior bottom line performance. Learn More

  • Coaching Difference

    Michelle Saunders Coaching is based on the simple philosophy that you canít coach someone who doesnít want to be coached. For this reason, every coaching engagement follows a proven 4-step process that starts with gaining buy-in and agreement from the person being coached. Learn More

  • Testimonials

    "Michelle was our coach for a half day management session. Immediately she made us feel comfortable and curious about the hours ahead. We spent a productive day talking about us and what works, what doesn't and what are some ideas that we could try to initiate change. This was the perfect springboard to get our goals together for the year to follow. Even now, in our management meetings..."

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